About Wildlife Management Trees

Justin and Steve are the epitome of true outdoors men.

Justin and Steve have 10 years’ experience in the field of Tree and Conservation Services. Justin has earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry and specialized in Forest Resource Management, while Steve served our country as a Combat Engineer overseas in Korea. Once reunited, they dedicated years to enhancing properties to improve wildlife habitat, not only for their customers, but for their own hunting properties as well. Their passion for the wild outdoors has led them down numerous involvements including their Wildlife Management Trees Business, their Tree and Conservation Service, and joining a hunting media team -Team Radical Outdoors.

Wildlife Management Trees

  • They carry thousands of potted trees and shrubs for Habitat Improvement Projects

  • Foodplot Trees
    • Dunstan Chestnut and Persimmon Trees
    • Oaks and Mast Producing Trees
    • Fruit Trees – Apple, Pear, Crabapple
    • Evergreens – Norway Spruce, Eastern Red Cedar, White Pines
    • Shrubs and Deer Browse Plants
  • Wildlife Land Consulting and Habitat Improvement Services
    • Foodplot Construction and Planting
    • Designated Whitetail Sanctuaries
    • Water Hole Construction
    • Tree Stand Locations
    • Consultations
  • CRP (Conservation Reserve Programs)
    • Seedling Tree Plantings
    • Native Grass Plantings
  • Roepke & Niemerg Tree & Conservation Service
    • Tree and stump removal
  • Planting large ball and burlap trees commercially and residentially
    • All Trees are 2 - 4” in trunk diameter and average height of 12-15’
    • Shade Trees
    • Landscape Trees
    • Ornamentals
  • Timber Stand Improvements
    • Designated Whitetail Sanctuaries
    • Improve timber stand for future harvest
  • Real World Wildlife Seed
    • Dealers of this amazing seed company that brings in and holds mature bucks
  • Team Radical Outdoors
    • Members of this Outdoors Hunting Media Team
    • All HD videos can be seen at www.Team-Radical.com
    • Follow “Radical Outdoors” on Facebook
All of these accomplishments have sculpted these two into the outdoor enthusiasts that they are today.
Steve and Justin firmly believe that habitat improvement enhances the hunter’s opportunities to harvest mature bucks consistently. They believe in these techniques so profusely that they use them on their own properties and have had major success proving their techniques by putting trophy bucks on the wall consistently. The more effort you put forth into your property, the more results you will obtain. There’s no better feeling than wrapping your hands around the buck you have been hunting, and personally knowing that you have gotten that animal to the size he is due to your hard work and dedication to your property and Habitat Improvement Projects. After all these years of hands on experience we have found out that HABITAT IMPROVEMENT NEVER ENDS!!