Wildlife/Land Management Consulting

We specialize in Whitetail Habitat Improvement Projects

We offer our knowledge and services to improve the overall habitat and Timber Stand. We strive to inform the landowner of techniques that can be implemented in order to gain the highest quality habitat one can offer to their hunting paradise.

The below video highlights the process of creating a whitetail wildlife paradise.

We like to begin by looking over aerial photos and then eventually walk the property and see everything in person to discuss the overall goals and objectives. Once our goals and objectives are set in stone then we recommend which management practices are necessary to reach our goals and improve the habitat. We also provide detailed aerial mapping layouts to show exactly what specific tasks and practices are necessary to improve the quality of your land and to reach the goals we have set.

Beneficial Mast Producing Trees


Treestand placement with detailed notes on approach routes, time of season to hunt, etc

Sanctuary designation and creation

Timber Stand Improvement

Food plot placement, creation and planting recommendations, Soil Testing

Warm Season Native Grass plantings (specifically designed for whitetails)

Tree plantings

Shrub plantings

Water Hole construction

Overall hunting/management plan