Timber Stand Improvement

Timber stand improvement will encourage faster growth and better forest health.

An improved mix of species, and optimal wildlife habitat. We will thin the undesirable tree species in order to promote the growth or regeneration of desirable species. Timber Stand Improvements are a key part of most forestry success stories. Not only are we creating a designated sanctuary for whitetails and wildlife, we are also improving the stand for a future timber harvest.

A general rule of thumb for timber stand improvement is that removing or deadening a tree should only be done if it will benefit a better tree or allow for regeneration of a more desirable species

We can complete the entire job, mark the trees for you to remove yourself, or let you complete the entire job. We can do a heavy timber stand improvement or just a light touch-up.

We can also help you apply for cost-share incentives available to complete these practices.

Timber Stand Improvement Photos

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