CRP Planting

Our tree business actually started from our interest in creating quality wildlife habitat on our own farm.

Not only have we planted thousands of trees on our property at our expense to create better wildlife habitat, we also have acreage enrolled in the CRP tree program. We can provide you with all your CRP, WRP, WHIP, CReP, TSI, Timber Management Plans, Marking Timber, Controlling invasive species needs and much more. If you have land enrolled in any of these projects, we would appreciate the opportunity to bid on doing the work for you. Remember, we understand things from the landowners perspective because we have been in your shoes. Many times these plantings are paid for by the government so you have little or no out-of-pocket expenses.

We have literally planted millions of trees and tree seedlings on these projects across the Midwest and in the process have created thousands of acres of quality wildlife habitat in environmentally sensitive areas.

We have also designed and completed numerous conservation projects for private individuals with specific ideas in mind.

Often these projects are designed and implemented to improve the wildlife habitat and/or hunting opportunities on a property. If you have any such projects in the works, be sure to talk with Justin or Steve about how we can make your project a success.