Habitat Improvement

Steve and Justin firmly believe that habitat improvement leaves the hunter with a greater chance to harvest a mature buck year after year.

We believe in these techniques so profusely that we use them on our own property and have had major success in putting trophy bucks on the wall. We have been managing 400 acres on one tract of land for the last 11 years. Hanging 12 mature bucks in that time period, proves that if you build it, we will use it and you can capitalize year after year!

Our main goals in habitat improvement are to create better wildlife habitat, while keeping in mind and planning for future generations.

We have the ability to be a tree-planting contractor for government funded conservation plantings such as CRP, WRP, WHIP and CReP. If you have land enrolled in any of these projects, we would appreciate the opportunity to bid on doing the work for you. Remember, we understand things from the landowner’s perspective because we have been in your shoes. Many times, the government pays for the plantings, so you have little or no out-of-pocket expenses. We can also create quality wildlife habitat in environmentally sensitive areas. Often these projects are designed and implemented to improve the wildlife habitat and/or hunting opportunities on a property. If you have any such projects in the works, be sure to talk with Justin or Steve about how we can make your project a success.

Our plans can include any of the following Habitat Improvement Projects if appropriate for your property :

Beneficial Mast Producing Trees