Bedding in a Bag

Our Real World Wildlife Seed “Bedding in a Bag” blend includes select varieties of warm season native grasses which grow up to 8-feet tall.

These grasses were selected for their ability to remain standing during extreme weather conditions such as snow and high winds. These grasses are the best and fastest way to create quality whitetail bedding cover on your property.

Bedding in a Bag Video

Getting the most from your hunting property requires a lot more than just planting foodplots.

There are many pieces to the habitat puzzle and one of the most critical is having quality cover for bedded game. Nothing beats a field of native warm season grasses. We have been planting these grasses on our own properties for many years and along the way we learned some valuable lessons. Most importantly we learned that not all of these grasses are created equal. Some of our first plantings offered great cover during the summer and early fall but the least amount of snow or wind would lay them flat to the ground. After years of trial and error as well as researching and consulting with the farmers who grow these grasses for seed, we have came up with a blend that we believe is ideal for whitetail bedding cover. Our “Bedding in a Bag” blend contains 3 species – big bluestem, Indian grass and switchgrass. There are numerous varieties of each of these species and the key to “Bedding in a Bag” is that it contains what we believe are the exact varieties of these species which offer the best standability. All of the members of the Real World Whitetails team have hunted over fields of these grasses and can attest to the attractiveness of these grass fields as whitetail bedding sanctuaries. If your property lacks good whitetail bedding cover, this blend may be the answer to improving your hunting success. This blend is also great cover for game birds such as pheasants.

Please note that “Bedding in a Bag” includes 2.5# each of Big Bluestem and Indian Grass and 2# of switchgrass per acre, This calculates to a total of 35.6 seeds per square foot; broken down by species the figures are 18.4 switchgrass, 7.5 big bluestem and 9.8 Indian grass (seeds per sq/ft). This seed count significantly exceeds recommended seeding rates to help insure that our customers are able to have satisfactory results. As always, our goal is to market wildlife seed products that are superior to the competition without the “hype”.

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Note to customers planting CRP acreage

The 35.6 seeds per square foot in “Bedding in a Bag” well exceeds the NRCS specs of 25 seeds per sq/ft for CRP warm season grass plantings. However, you may be required to include forb and legume seeds in your planting to meet other NRCS – CRP guidelines. We have address this issue by offering a “forb & legume” blend to be planted with our “Bedding in a Bag” to help you meet NRCS – CRP requirements. This blend contains 4oz white prairie clover, 4oz Illinois bundleflower and 2oz evening primrose per acre. This mix will meet the NRCS requirement of 5 forb & legume seeds per sq/ft with at least 1 being a legume.