Real World Switchgrass

This side by side comparison shows “Cave-in-Rock” switchgrass on the left and “Real World” switchgrass on the right.

Both of these test plots were planted side by side on the same day. In each photo Don Higgins has his right hand resting on a marker post but in the plot of Real World switchgrass this is almost impossible to see. Which switchgrass variety do you think would better hide the deer living on your property?

Switch Grass Video

Since introducing our “Bedding in a Bag” blend of native grasses a few years ago, one of the most common questions we get from potential customers is

"Can it be planted in a wet area or area that floods?” We had to honestly tell our customers that Real Worlds “Bedding-in-a-Bag” is really not suited for wet locations or flood zones, however we saw the need for such a product and began testing and developing a switchgrass product that has the stand-ability under harsh weather conditions to fulfill the needs of landowners looking for a similar product to plant in wetter areas. We are proud to be releasing our new Real World switchgrass for just such applications. While switchgrass will do well in wet areas and flood zones, it will also do just fine on upland sites.

Another advantage that switchgrass offers is ease of planting versus most other warm season native grasses. This is due to the small-hard-round switchgrass seed which does require the specialized equipment needed to ease the job of planting those fluffy seeds of other species. Switchgrass can be planted a variety of ways. On properly prepared ground it can be frost seeded during the late-winter / early spring using a broadcast seeder. It can also be planted through most seed drills. Seeding rates should be 3-5# per acre.

Also, unlike other warm season native grass species, switchgrass is atrazine tolerant so you can cut down on the weed competition in your newly planted switchgrass field by first spraying the field with atrazine. A complete “planting instruction Guide” is included in each bag to help ensure the success of your project.

If you are not convinced, take our “Dare to Compare” challenge and plant Real World switchgrass next to other commonly planted switchgrass varieties and see the difference for yourself.

Real World Switchgrass is offered in a 10 lb. bag that plants 2-3 Acres and is also available in a 50 lb. bag that plants 10-15 acres.