Clover Chickory

Clover mixes are probably the most popular of all food plot blends for whitetails and for good reason

Clovers are high in protein and other important nutrients vital for growing large antlers and for the health of whitetails.

Real World Seed Clover Leaf Video
Clover Leaf Picture

We tested numerous clover varieties on our own hunting lands to see for ourselves which varieties the deer actually preferred.

Our blend contains the two varieties which clearly stood out from the rest.

We have found that chicory is a great compliment to a clover stand and using our same stringent standards we tested several varieties of chicory to get the very best one for inclusion in our mix. We are confident that our Clover & Chicory Blend can stand side by side with any other brand and come out on top.

Clover & Chicory Blend is offered in a 10 Lb. Bag that plants 1 acre & a Jug that plants 1/2 acre.