Real World Soy Beans

Soybeans are one of the best crops to grow in food plots for whitetails

When available, soybeans are a major food source during the summer, fall and winter. If you have never hunted near a plot of standing soybeans during a late season cold spell, you have no idea of the drawing power of soybeans!

Real World Soybeans Video 1 of 2
Real World Soybeans Video 2 of 2

The problem with many varieties of soybeans is

that the bean pods tend to split open and drop the beans onto the ground late in the fall after the plant has dried down. We at RealWorldWildlife Seeds have field tested dozens of varieties of soybeans to come up with those varieties which are most shatter resistant and remain available to deer and other wildlife late into the winter.
Our Real World soybean blend contains 3 varieties of shatter resistant Round-Up Ready soybeans, each with a different maturity. Don’t be fooled by the forage soybean hype, do your own side by side comparison and see for yourself which soybean product the deer in your area prefer.

If you are already planting soybeans in your food plots we challenge you to plant our Real World soybean blend side by side with the variety you are now using and see the difference for yourself. If you have never grown soybeans in your food plots, it is time to see what you have been missing.

Late in the season the pods on many soybean varieties shatter open, spilling the beans onto the ground where deer have a tough time eating them. Real World Soybeans were selected for their shatter resistance.

You can see how the pods on these “other” soybeans have shattered open.

Our Real World Soybean Blend includes varieties of soybeans selected for their “shatter resistance”. This ensures that the beans remain in the pods late into the winter when deer and other wildlife needs them most.