Native Grass Blends

For most landowners we recommend our “Bedding in a Bag” blend of native grasses as the best option for quickly creating high quality cover for wildlife.

In most cases CRP specs will be met when our “Bedding in a Bag” blend is combined with our forb mix. We realize that some folks have their own desired blend or have a project which might require different species than those in our “Bedding in a Bag” blend. For this reason we offer custom mixing of your desired native grass and forb blends. If you have a particular seed blend that you need for your project, please email us the details and we will give you a bid on your native grass seed needs. Be sure to include the total number of pounds or acres needed and we will get you a quote as quickly as we possibly can. We welcome large order bid requests such as from NRCS offices, Soil & Water districts, conservation groups, etc. Give us a chance to bid on your project and save you money!